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American Back Center offers the only FDA approved spinal decompression program in the city.
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VAX-D: TAKING THE PRESSURE OFF and the pain away

When you have ongoing pain in your back or neck, one of the reasons is that pressure has built up in the discs of your spine. This in turn causes pressure on the surrounding nerves.

VAX-D (Vertebral Axial Decompression) is a non-invasive gentle therapy that uses revolutionary technology and techniques to decompress, or take the pressure off, the discs in your neck and lower back. The result: relief from pain that, in some cases, has existed for years.

Our clinic has had tremendous success with VAX-D for a variety of conditions and illnesses including: herniated, bulging and ruptured discs; degenerative disc disease; facet syndrome; sciatica; radiating pain and failed back or neck surgeries.

VAX-D therapy involves several steps. After we assess you and determine the best course of treatment, your session will begin. You lie, fully clothed, on a specially designed table. A certified therapist will guide you through the process; all you have to do is lay back and relax. Each treatment lasts about 45 minutes; some patients even fall asleep it’s so soothing.

VAX-D is a highly effective, safe procedure with none of the risks typically associated with surgery, injections or anesthesia. And it doesn’t just take away your pain; the treatment is also pain free.

Numerous clinical studies in peer-reviewed medical journals confirm both the validity and efficacy of VAX-D. If you have any questions or concerns, please take the time to review the material on this website. We have also received significant media coverage due to the popularity of this groundbreaking treatment.

For more information on VAX-D, click here: VAX-D: How It Works and Clinical Research. Or learn more about why we are the top Chicago back pain specialists.

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I found VAX-D to be remarkably effective; it healed my back pain after nothing else had worked.”

Lance C., MD


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