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Downtown Chicago   What We Offer American Back Center was founded using the concepts and principles of Functional Medicine (FM). It is woven into every aspect of our clinic – in the way we work, think and interact with our patients.

Functional Medicine unites conventional medicine with alternative therapies and draws upon sound scientific research. The essence of functional medicine is to see the patient as a whole and to uncover the underlying reasons for symptoms.

All our practitioners use this science-based field of holistic healthcare with each and every patient examination and treatment. Here are some of the differences you may notice between a typical visit to your MD and one with a functional medicine specialist at our clinic:

  • Patient-centered care. Our focus is on patient-centered care, promoting health as a positive vitality, beyond just the absence of disease. By listening to the patient and learning his or her story, our practitioners discover systemic imbalances that spiral the body out of balance. Then they tailor treatments to address the individual’s unique needs.
  • An integrative, science-based healthcare approach. Our practitioners look at the big picture: the complex web of interactions in the patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to illness. The unique genetic makeup of each patient is considered, along with both internal (mind, body, and spirit) and external (physical and social environment) factors that affect total functioning.
  • Integrating best medical practices. We integrate traditional Western medical practices with “alternative” or “integrative” medicine, creating a focus on prevention through nutrition, diet, and exercise; use of the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques; and prescribed combinations of drugs and/or botanical medicines, supplements, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs, or stress-management techniques.


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Wherever you are in your journey to better health – whether you need to identify and correct nutritional imbalances that are causing health problems, or just need to learn how to have a healthy relationship with food – we’re here to meet you there and take you further along the path.

Our team will create an individualized program to fit your needs and goals. One of the key components we may recommend is Nutritional Coaching.

Nutritional Coaching is not just for weight loss. It can help you with a wide range of health issues and increase your knowledge about healthy foods and eating. Patients have achieved all of the below and more with our functional medicine-based programs:

  • Improved body shape and decreased body fat
  • Lower cholesterol and blood pressure
  • Reduced risk of heart disease and diabetes
  • Increased energy and less fatigue
  • Better understanding of ingredients and deceptive marketing on food labels
  • How to incorporate super foods into their diet
  • Gotten rid of cravings for sweets
  • Prevented accelerated aging
  • Reduced stress
  • Learned how to eliminate potentially allergenic or heavily processed foods
  • Properly detoxified the body
  • Prevented pre-eclampsia

American Back Center is one of few clinics selected as a First Line Therapy (FLT) Center for Excellence to provide comprehensive therapeutic lifestyle changes (TLC) coaching. Our team of nutritional experts and FM specialists emphasize education and positive reinforcement models in helping patients meet their health and weight loss goals.

TLC is recommended for managing chronic illness by leading health organizations, including:

  • National Institutes of Health
  • American Heart Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • American Diabetes Association
  • Arthritis Foundation
  • North American Menopause Society

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