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You’ve no doubt heard the saying: “You are what you eat.” At American Back Center, we take nutrition seriously – because how you eat can seriously affect how you feel.
Downtown Chicago   Chicago Nutrition Clinic In fact, everything you do and think affects your overall health, and that is our business: to know the whole you, not just your symptoms.

All those aches and pains, fatigue, digestive problems, allergies – even headaches – aren’t just annoying little problems. These are early clues to a decline in your health and wellness. Many things can contribute to illness – emotional stress, environmental toxins, lack of exercise, hormonal problems and other lifestyle issues. In addition, poor diet and other factors leads to depletion of nutrients, creating a vicious cycle resulting in increased stress on the mind and body – and continued declining health.

At the core of all our programs and treatments is the philosophy of Functional Medicine (FM) – a holistic approach to healthcare based upon the latest scientific findings. It offers unique insight into wellness and treating both minor and major health issues.

Our team of nutritional experts and Functional Medicine specialists work with you to assess your entire situation. They consider your symptoms, medical history and various factors affecting your life – then recommend the best program to meet your needs. This may include a Nutrition program along with other therapies such as massage, acupuncture and / or physical therapy.

We offer several exciting services in our Nutrition program including Nutrition Coaching, Weight loss and, among other therapies, the hC3 Trim Metabolic Program, a unique homeopathic approach to help you burn fat, detoxify and lose weight safely while maintaining muscle.

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By the way, in addition to helping you eat better, we can also help you live a pain free life, check out what makes us the top Chicago chiropractic clinic.

The body is one integrated system, not a collection of organs divided up by medical specialties. The medicine of the future connects everything.” – Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D.


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