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Chiropractic: A system of therapy in which disease is considered the result of abnormal function of the nervous system. The method of treatment usually involves manipulation of the spinal column and other body structures. [from American Heritage Dictionary]
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The word “chiropractic” is of Greek origin and, essentially, means “done by hand.” It is grounded in a basic principle: when the nervous system is functioning as it should and the skeletal system is correctly aligned, the body can heal itself.

You’ve likely heard about a chiropractor doing an adjustment on your spine. An adjustment is recommended when the spine’s vertebrae (bones and cartilage) are not aligned properly – which causes pinched nerves and pain; it can also lead to other health problems.

A chiropractor uses his or her hands – or sometimes an adjusting tool – to perform gentle manipulations of the vertebrae. In very simple terms, one of the main tasks of a chiropractor is to correct this misalignment and relieve pain. However, the chiropractors at our clinic do so much more than this.

Guided by a Functional Medicine approach – the core philosophy of healthcare at American Back Center – our chiropractors will often combine their specialized knowledge with that of other healthcare professions (such as osteopathic, medical and physical therapy) to get at the root cause of your problem before recommending a treatment plan. We don’t just treat your symptoms; we treat you as a whole person.

As part of our comprehensive care program, we also provide you with nutritional, dietary and lifestyle counseling to ensure your symptoms don’t return – and to maintain a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.
The American Back Center offers a range of specialized treatments that combine chiropractic with other therapies – including pre- and post-natal care. Our chiropractors are also especially trained to treat sports injuries.

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